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Partners in Crime: Episode One Preview (26th July)

(c) Laurence Cendrowicz - Jessica Raine as Tuppence and David Walliams as Tommy 
David Walliams and Jessica Raine star in the series premiere of Partners in Crime

The first episode of the much anticipated Partners In Crime starring David Walliams and Jessica Raine as Tommy and Tuppence will be broadcast on BBC One on this Sunday. The episode is based on Agatha Christie’s novel The Secret Adversary and has been adapted by Zinnie Harris and directed by Edward Hall.

Guest stars include Clarke Peters, Alice Krige and Jonny Phillips as well as series regulars Matthew Steer and James Fleet. The original novel has been split into three parts, the first of which will be broadcast this Sunday.

Here’s the BBC’s description of the first episode:

1952. Married couple Tommy and Tuppence have a chance encounter on a Paris train with an agitated young woman, named Jane Finn, who suddenly disappears and never returns to her seat. Back in England, Tommy is focussed on their fledgling honey business, Tuppence is much more concerned about the missing girl and her investigations bring them into contact with Tommy’s uncle, and Third Floor bigwig, Major Anthony Carter. It turns out that Jane Finn was carrying a secret recording that would potentially reveal the identity of a legendary Soviet assassin, known only as Mr Brown, who they believe will strike soon in Britain. Carter believes Brown’s cronies must have kidnapped Jane – they can only hope she managed to hide the recording before they got to her. Despite Carter’s attempts to keep them out of it, Tommy and Tuppence soon find themselves compelled to infiltrate Brown’s gang in the hopes of finding Jane Finn, the recording and foiling Brown’s next hit.

Cast and Credits:

Tommy Beresford - David Walliams
Tuppence Beresford - Jessica Raine
Major Anthony Carter - James Fleet
Albert Pemberton - Matthew Steer
Julius Hersheimmer - Clarke Peters
Rita Vandemeyer - Alice Krige
Lucky - Paul Brennen
Whittington - Jonny Phillips
James Peel - Andrew Havill
Jane Finn - Marie Beeput

Watch a teaser clip from the first episode below:

Partners In Crime: The Secret Adversary begins Sunday 26th July on BBC One starring David Walliams and Jessica Raine.

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