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Marple: Endless Night Gallery

A collection of images from Marple: Endless Night, broadcast in the US on 28th September (PBS). All images ©ITV. 

In Endless Night, Miss Marple (Julia McKenzie), who is in the village of Kingston Bishop to console her recently widowed friend Marjorie Phillpot (Wendy Craig), meets handsome working-class charmer Mike Rogers (Tom Hughes), who dreams of building a perfect house on the local beauty spot Gypsy's Acre. But the resident gypsy Mrs Esther Lee (Janet Henfry) is not too happy about Mike's plans. When he meets the attractive young American heiress Ellie Goodman (Joanna Vanderham), Mike quickly falls in love. It isn't long before they marry and plan to build the house at Gypsy's Acre, along with the help of Mike's childhood friend Robbie Heyman (Aneurin Barnard).

After Ellie falls from her horse and sprains her ankle, she invites her one true friend Greta Anderson (Birgitte Hjort Sorensen) to stay with her, but Mike is not too happy about her interfering German companion. But when Ellie is found dead, after having apparently fallen from her horse when riding, only Miss Marple can solve the riddle at Gypsy's Acre, but in doing so she must put her own life in very serious danger.

Marple: Endless Night Preview (US)

©ITV - Julia McKenzie as Miss Marple and Wendy Craig as Marjorie Phillpot 
Julia McKenzie takes on the role of Miss Jane Marple for the last time in Endless Night 

The final episode of Agatha Christie's Marple, starring Julia McKenzie as the title sleuth, will be broadcast in the US on 28th September on PBS. Endless Night, based on the novel by Agatha Christie, is the final episode of the series that has run since 2004, when Marple was played by Geraldine McEwan. Endless Night also marks the 23rd episode in the series, and is Julia McKenzie's eleventh outing as the elderly detective.

This film was written by the late Kevin Elyot, who died earlier this year. He was the man responsible for six Marple films and the writer of some classic Poirot films, including Death on the Nile and Curtain: Poirot's Last Case. Endless Night is produced and directed by David Moore, and co-stars Wendy Craig (The Royal), Tom Hughes (The Lady Vanishes, I am Soldier), Joanna Vanderham (The Paradise), Aneurin Barnard (Cilla, Moonfleet) and Tamzin Outhwaite (New Tricks, Foyle's War).

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Marple Season 7 Preview (US)

©ITV - Julia McKenzie as Miss Marple and Wendy Craig as Marjorie Philpott

Julia McKenzie returns as Miss Jane Marple for her final series of films based on the novels by Agatha Christie. 

Fans of Agatha Christie in the US will be excited to hear that Marple Season 7 will be broadcast on PBS from Sunday 21st to 28th September. Julia McKenzie returns to the role of the inquisitive Miss Marple in her final three films. The first two, A Caribbean Mystery and Greenshaw's Folly, will be broadcast on Sunday 21st and the third, Endless Night, will be shown the following week. Joined by a whole host of stars including Antony Sher, Oliver Ford Davies, Fiona Shaw, Joanna David, Tom Hughes and Tamzin Outhwaite, Julia McKenzie takes Miss Marple on a dark trip from the Caribbean beaches to the sinister villages of the seemingly quiet English countryside.

A Caribbean Mystery  

A Caribbean Mystery finds Miss Marple (Julia McKenzie) far from St Mary Mead in a lavish hotel on the tropical island of St. Honore. However, the Golden Palms resort proves itself to be far from the heavenly retreat it first seemed, when fellow guest Major Palgrave (Oliver Ford Davies) dies shortly after his arrival, following an evening of exotic food, Planter’s Punch, and a specially arranged “Voodoo show”. 
Miss Marple alone is unconvinced by the “official” verdict that Palgrave died from a heart attack, and recruits the curmudgeonly business tycoon, Jason Rafiel (Antony Sher), to be her reluctant sidekick. Together they unpick a web of deceit and “dark magic”.
Despite Miss Marple’s conviction that another murder is imminent, the local police chief, Inspector Daventry (Anele Matoti), stubbornly refuses to take this sweet-natured spinster seriously.  That is until the brutal deaths of a hotel maid and a second guest. 
Suddenly every one of the hotel’s intriguing guests and its owners, Tim (Robert Webb) and Molly Kendall (Charity Wakefield), becomes a suspect, and it is left to Agatha Christie's iconic detective to unravel the truth, and apprehend this paradise island’s dangerous killer.

©ITV - Julia McKenzie as Miss Marple with the cast of 'A Caribbean Mystery'
Cast list:
Julia McKenzie - Miss Marple
Robert Webb - Tim Kendall
Charity Wakefield - Molly 
Sir Antony Sher - Mr Rafiel 
Daniel Rigby - Canon Prescott
Warren Brown - Jackson
Montserrat Lombard - Esther Walters
Alastair Mackenzie - Colonel Edward Hillingdon 
Pippa Bennett Warner - Victoria
Charles Mesure - Greg Dyson
Kingsley Ben-Adir - Errol
Hermione Norris - Evelyn Hillingdon
Joe Vaz - Sergeant Weston
Anele Matoti - Inspector Daventry
MyAnna Buring - Lucky Dyson 
Oliver Ford Davies - Major Palgrave
Andrea Dondolo - Mama Zogbe
Jeremy Crutchley - Ian Fleming
Charlie Higson - James Bond
Greenshaw's Folly 
When Louisa Oxley (Kimberley Nixon), an old family friend, visits Miss Marple on the run one stormy night, our amateur sleuth knows she must help both Louisa and her young son Archie (Bobby Smalldridge) by finding them refuge at the nearby Greenshaw's Folly.
Miss Marple secures Louisa a secretarial position at the Folly, a shambolic country pile of her dear friend, the eccentric botanist, Miss Greenshaw (Fiona Shaw), the last in a long family line. However, despite Louisa quickly finding herself with two admirers in the form of gardener Alfred Pollock (Martin Compston) and actor Nat Fletcher (Sam Reid) it soon becomes clear that the labyrinthine Folly isn't quite the safe house Miss Marple had hoped for. 
Death soon begins to cast its dark and sinister shadow, firstly over Walter Cracken (Jim Moir), the Folly’s loyal butler, whose demise appears to be an accident after one wee dram too many.
But worldly-wise Miss Marple is far less convinced than the brusque Inspector Welch (John Gordon Sinclair). And then when Folly guest Horace Bindler (Rufus Jones) goes missing, a dangerous storm seems to be gathering finally bursting to dramatic effect with the gruesome murder of Miss Greenshaw herself.
All are suspects, but none can imagine the secrets, both past and present, which Miss Marple is about to unravel.
©ITV - Miss Marple enjoying her Caribbean holiday
Cast list:
Julia McKenzie - Miss Marple
Kimberley Nixon - Louisa Oxley
Julia Sawalha - Mrs Cresswell
Martin Compston - Alfred Pollock
Sam Reid - Nat Fletcher
John Gordon Sinclair - Inspector Welch
Matt Jay - Willis Cayley
Robert Glenister - Father Brophy
Judy Parfitt - Cicely Beauclerk
Fiona Shaw - Miss Greenshaw
Rufus Jones - Horace Bindler
Jim Moir - Walter Cracken
Oscar Pearce - Philip Oxley
Candida Gubbins - Minnie Tulliver
Joanna David - Grace Ritchie
Bobby Smalldridge - Archie Oxley
Endless Night will be broadcast in the US on Sunday 28th September 

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Jessica Raine cast as Tuppence in new BBC series

The Woman in Black and Call the Midwife actress will play Tuppence in the 2015 BBC series Partners In Crime. 
Earlier this year, it was announced that David Walliams (Big School) would play one half of Tommy and Tuppence in a new BBC series based on Agatha Christie's novels. The six-part series, based on two of Christie's novels, will be broadcast in 2015 to co-inside with the 125th anniversary of the successful crime author's birthday. It has been revealed that actress Jessica Raine will play Tuppence Beresford alongside Walliams as Tommy.

The first three episodes, based on The Secret Adversary, have been written by Zinnie Harris (Spooks) and are directed by Edward Hall (Downton Abbey). Episodes 4-6, based on N or M?, have been adapted by Claire Wilson (Twist). The series is produced by Georgina Lowe (Mr Turner) and executive produced by Hilary Bevan Jones (Esio Trot), David Walliams, Matthew Pritchard and Matthew Read.

Partners In Crime is an adventure series with espionage and humour at its heart. Set in a 1950s Britain rising from the ashes of the Blitz into the grip of a new Cold War, our beekeeping duo stumble into a world of murder, undercover agents and cold war conspiracy.
Tuppence (Jessica Raine) is a woman who sees adventure round every corner, throwing herself head first into every mystery with passion and fervour, determined to get to the truth no matter what it takes, much to the dismay of her more cautious husband Tommy (David Walliams).

David Walliams says: “In bringing these thrilling stories to the screen, it is our ambition for Tommy and Tuppence to finally take their rightful place alongside Poirot and Marple as iconic Agatha Christie characters. I was first drawn to the delicious notion of a married couple solving crimes together, and the more I read of the Tommy and Tuppence novels and short stories, the more I realised they are among Christie’s very best work.”

Mathew Prichard, Chairman of Agatha Christie Ltd, says: “The first Tommy and Tuppence novel was published in 1922 and my grandmother, Agatha Christie, would be thrilled to see her crime-fighting team reinvigorated for the BBC over 90 years on from when she first brought them to life.”

A three-part film based on Agatha Christie's masterpiece And Then There Were None was also commissioned by the BBC in February. This is set for broadcast at Christmas 2015. 

Partners In Crime has begun filming now. The series will be broadcast in late 2015. 

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